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Blue Saki Online is a Richmond, VA based technology service company focused on providing quality and cost-effective IT and software development services to our clients. We have three practice groups - CIO services, eCommerce services and Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO).

Our Approach

Keep it simple; Keep the client engaged; Laser focus. Through a streamlined, iterative five-milestone process we will Plan, Design, Build, Launch & Manage your professional and high-impact Technology Solution.

Our Clients

Our clients are from all industries and sizes. We strive to provide brilliant ideas and impeccable executions for each client, and they appreciate the ability to work interactively with a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals.

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Who We Are

Blue Saki Online was founded by prior IT executives at General Electric, American Express, Vanguard and HRH to name a few. We have successfully transformed business operations at these large organizations and we are confident we can do the same for you, our clients.

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